10mm Chariote Beaded Bracelet

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Charoite is a gorgeous silicate mineral with colors ranging from translucent lavender to rich swirling violets and pearlescent lilacs. Charoite is a stone of transformation, it helps cleanse the aura and charkras by transforming negative energy into healing energy. 

20 10mm Charoite beads make up this beautiful bracelet! Averages 7” in length, but stretches up to 9.5”.

Each stone is unique so each of our beautiful beaded bracelets are unique as well and may vary slightly by size, weight and color. Our measurements are averaged.

#HeartChakra # ThirdEyeChakra #CrownChakra #Transformation #UnconditionalLove #InnerVision #Grounding #SelfEsteem #Cleansing